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A Grown Woman Will Dress as a Bunny and Give you Carrots this Sunday

OK, we live in a vast, digital landscape. Once upon a time, back in the day, you would decide to do something and to publicise that something you would photocopy some posters and stick them up on lampposts, cafe noticeboards (so few left now!) and tell all your friends either face to face or ring them up and everyone would spread the word. A paper, hard copy diary may get an entry and bingo everyone would show up! Word of mouth....

Cut to now. A million websites jostle for attention, we need to get on top of SEO's and the irony is with the new method of 'shouting' out, only a few people (some of them in Uzbekistan and further afield) find your little feeble, digital whimper and well, it's a long way to Waverley for them to come to your little event, so you need to go to extreme measures.

That's why, this Sunday, 17th July from Midday I will go old school, and as a middle aged lady with no shame will be creating a bunny costume and demonstrate things you can learn at classbunny in the shop window at 155 Norton Street, Leichhardt. part installation, part showing off, part why the heck not. Please come along and point and laugh and then instagram my efforts and spread the word about classbunny in the new fangled digital manner, hell get your teens to snapchat me too!

Takeaway info - physical noticeboards around Sydney

Here are the noticeboards I have found in my journeys putting up old school posters and notices.

Arm yourself with sticktyape and some drawing pins and get started. I am afraid opportunities are far and few between. Pressure your local council, bookshop and coffeeshop to get more local and community minded by putting up a useful noticeboard.

City of Sydney provide some pillars on main streets in their areas.

These get pretty busy and you will get pasted over quickly.

Supermarkets such as Woolworths in

Balmain have noticeboards, as do some other supermarkets, but not all supermarkets.


Bar Italia in Norton Street Leichhardt

Bondi Pavillion Bondi Beach

You can also ask friends to do the footwork and post up on facebbook and get them to print out and put up in their place of work. Cheeky, but nice people will rally like the songstress, Lady Cool someone I have never met and who stepped up when I requested people put up posters for classbunny! Thanks Lady Cool!

Here is a picture taken of the very first poster I stuck on a telegraph pole and which was the only one I put up in Balmain. Someone within 24 hours had spotted it (she lives in Manly) and sent me a picture, So maybe old fashioned posters work after all?

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